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Eliminating Missed Feedback: Streamlining Email Campaign Processes with ProofJump

To streamline your email campaign feedback processes in order to enhance organization and eliminate missed feedback, you need to focus on three key things: control, clarity, and convenience.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a significant amount of time or money setting up email campaign feedback processes that give you complete control, clarity, and convenience. ProofJump delivers it all to you and more in a single solution.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can improve organization and never miss feedback again when you use ProofJump in your email marketing campaign review and approval process.


If you’re not in 100% control of your entire email campaign feedback process, there will be costly mistakes and confusion. It’s inevitable, which is why it’s critical that you build a review and approval system that provides continuity from start to finish. The only way to achieve continuity is by using an all-in-one solution that brings every part of the process and every stakeholder together. ProofJump is that solution.

With ProofJump, an unlimited number of stakeholders can review and approve your email campaign, and you can manage the entire workflow in one place. Controlling versions, managing dynamic content variations, monitoring revisions, and holding reviewers accountable is easy when you use ProofJump.

It’s also easy to control and organize stakeholder comments and approvals because everything is saved in folders and files within your ProofJump dashboard. Rather than searching through email messages and documenting verbal comments, all communications are always at your fingertips!


When you use the email inbox for your email campaign review and approval process, there will be confusion and delays. In fact, proofing emails in your inbox is a very bad idea. Instead, use ProofJump so every stakeholder clearly understands what tasks they’re responsible for in the approval process, where they can find the latest version of the campaign they need to review, what edits other reviewers have made or commented about, and more.

For example, reviewers can simply point and click on any area within an email message that they’re reviewing within ProofJump to add a comment. This includes adding annotations directly within text and on images.

Comments are threaded in ProofJump, so it’s easy to follow conversations and make decisions collaboratively. Everyone will know when questions are answered, problems are solved, and decisions are made because comments can be marked as resolved, which keeps everyone in the loop and on the same page.

In addition, ProofJump gives you a clear view of approvals throughout the entire proofing process. You can see the real-time status of approvals at any moment because stakeholders can mark each campaign as approved when they’re done reviewing it.

ProofJump also automatically sends notifications to specific stakeholders when new campaigns or versions are ready to be reviewed as well as when due dates and deadlines are approaching, and more. Everyone knows exactly what they need to do and when.  


Rather than using a costly and inefficient email proofing process that relies on email inboxes or multiple tools, you can save time and money by switching to a convenient all-in-one solution. Email marketing gets more complex every day, and ProofJump helps you streamline the entire feedback process, making it more convenient for everyone. It’s also easy enough for anyone to use.

For example, stakeholders don’t have to search for campaigns to review. Instead, you send stakeholders a unique campaign URL. They click on the URL, and they instantly access the campaign for review within ProofJump. No login required! They can even access campaigns for proofing when they’re on the go using ProofJump’s mobile interface without installing any software or logging into any platform.

Unlike other email proofing tools that only allow you to proof image renderings of your email campaigns, ProofJump allows your team to proof full HTML email messages. Each stakeholder can click the links, view animations, test interactive elements, read the content, and so on to give their edits and approval on the entire message – just like your recipient audience will experience it.

Your Next Steps to Streamline Email Campaign Feedback

When you streamline your email campaign feedback process, you’ll get error-free campaigns to market faster and save money. ProofJump is compatible with any email service provider and works seamlessly with your existing email marketing platform. Just send a test email to ProofJump to start the proofing process. It’s that easy! Schedule a demo to see how ProofJump can streamline your email campaign feedback process.