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ProofJump cuts your review time in half with improved collaboration and feedback.


Get error-free campaigns to market faster.

Track and manage all stakeholder feedback in one place to minimize back-and-forths and ensure everything is captured correctly.

Compatible with any Email Service Provider.

Work seamlessly with your existing platform - simply send your test email to ProofJump to begin the proofing process.

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Industry leading companies count on ProofJump

ProofJump has been an invaluable tool in our email review process at JOANN. It has saved us so much time and resources each week. I couldn't have asked for an easier proofing solution for our email process.

Jessica F. Jo-Ann Stores

My favorite thing about ProofJump has to be its ease of use. This is a really top-notch product. ProofJump definitely saves us time as it allows our production team to quickly share coded emails.

Jeremy G. RedPill Email

ProofJump is the best tool to test and collaborate on complex coded email campaigns. It has made our workflow much more efficient and there is more transparency into our review and QA.

Mike S. The Email Company

ProofJump saves email marketers up to 36% on time spent proofing email campaigns


Review, QA and Approve Your Email Campaigns in One Location

Forget about searching your inbox for emails to approve. Take control of the approval process and ensure that the right emails are being approved at the right time. Simply send email versions to ProofJump and they'll be laid out intuitively for all stakeholders to review.

Collaboratively Review Live HTML Emails With Stakeholders

With native email support, ProofJump enables you to review and test everything from visual mockups to QA on a coded email. Just upload an image, a zip file with html and images, or send a test directly from your ESP.

Version Control and Visual Annotations Speed Up Email Approvals

Version by version, reviewers can see and reply to each other’s comments so that everyone is on the same page. Questions get resolved more quickly, duplication and miscommunication are avoided, and campaigns have less rework and fewer revisions.

Dynamic Content Review: ProofJump’s Superpower

Stop clogging your stakeholders’ inboxes with email variations to verify if dynamic content is populating correctly. Instead, send the email versions to ProofJump and share a single link for review.

Automatic Proof Labelling (APL) makes it easy to refresh your proofs each time you make a change.

Learn about Dynamic Content QA (PDF)

Works with ANY email service provider

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