About Us

ProofJump is a collaborative online email campaign proofing solution for small businesses, enterprise clients, and agencies that want to save time and reduce frustration during the email review and approval process, in order for messages to be error-free and ROI optimized.

Addressing the Modern Email Marketers Needs

Traditionally proofs were emailed to stakeholders for approval before a campaign is sent. As email marketing platforms evolved, campaigns became more advanced, and timelines became more compressed, email marketers found that their old approaches for proofing campaigns were no longer appropriate as campaign deadlines were missed and errors were not caught.

ProofJump was built to address the growing needs of email marketers with features such as real-time online collaboration, threaded conversations, dynamic content proofing, and more.

There is no faster, easier, more effective, and affordable way for internal and external stakeholders to review, proof, discuss, and approve critical email marketing content than ProofJump.

To learn more, schedule a free demo and see how ProofJump can transform your email proofing process and ROI.