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Invision vs ProofJump

InVision’s Closure: Why ProofJump Is the Ultimate Replacement for Email Campaign Proofing

InVision was once at the top of the UI/UX industry, but as other solutions emerged and industry needs evolved, InVision was left behind.

The company has recently announced the closure of its once-popular tools but gave its users a year-long notice to retrieve their work and migrate to another solution. Now, those who have used InVision for years are facing a new challenge — what option should we choose?

While it’s clear Invision is mainly used for UI prototypes — a surprising number of email marketers use Invision for review and approvals for email proofs due to its collaborative capabilities.

Despite this, InVision announced the closure of its design collaboration services in a January 4 blog post. Part of the official reasoning is that the acquisition of one of its tools, Freehand, was acquired by Miro and will now take over one of InVision’s leading-edge tools.

So, with Invision’s sunset official — what options do you have for email campaign proofing? You could make the switch to ProofJump.

ProofJump is designed specifically for email campaign proofing and may even provide new utility you didn’t know you were missing with InVision. Let’s explore more about why InVision is closing and then dive into why ProofJump might just be the ultimate replacement for your email campaign proofing.

ProofJump is Purpose-Built for Email Campaigns

ProofJump is a cloud-based web app designed specifically for email marketing proofing, allowing all stakeholders and marketing experts to collaborate in one place. While other possible InVision alternatives try to do everything, ProofJump focuses on the unique needs of email campaigns.

How can ProofJump replace InVision for email campaigns? We’ll break down some of the core features, all designed to help you craft effective campaigns.

ProofJump Fills in InVision’s Email Proofing Gaps

Few companies are working on a single email campaign at a time, so our campaign overview lets users quickly review existing campaigns, create new ones, or delete campaigns that no longer require proofing.

Users can select any existing campaign to add or manage proofs, including visual proofs of designs, pre-prepared email proofs, or HTML proofs. Users can also create new campaigns to provide initial assets or provide instructions to others.

Additionally, when directly compared to Invision email proofing, ProofJump’s purpose-built solution has several utilities that

  • Easier proof creation: Unlike Invision, marketers can create new proofs by sending emails directly to Proofjump. ProofJump automatically extracts the email’s From, Subject, and Preheader for proofing. Conversely, InVision users need to screenshot their emails and then share the proof with stakeholders – which is a multi-step process.
  • Send proofs to email marketing platforms: ProofJump allows users to email proofs directly from their email service providers, such as MailChimp, using a special email address, which makes it efficient. Teams don’t need to manually copy over or recreate proofs, saving time and ensuring the accuracy of the resulting email.
  • Interactive proofing: ProofJump allows you to click on links and view mobile views, whereas Invision users can only view screenshots. This level of interactivity allows teams to identify any possible issues before the email campaign is sent out.

Leave Annotations and Comments

Like Invision, you can annotate and comment on proofs. ProofJump offers stakeholders and managers the ability to leave annotations on specific areas of each proof on top of additional overall comments.

From there, the experts can respond or act on any feedback from others. The process continues until everyone signs off on the proof, and it’s ready to go out. Integrating these collaborative features goes far in keeping everyone on the same page and ensuring the final campaign is as effective as possible.

Review and Revise

ProofJump allows stakeholders and users to review new campaigns in a variety of ways to accommodate their specific needs in the overall process. 

Users can view a variety of types of proof to review, such as images or images, and then provide any necessary comments. Additionally, a summary of the proof is available that includes the subject line, proof version, and preheader text to help streamline collaboration.

Metadata also serves as a version history, allowing anyone to view different proof versions and a timeline of events for each email.

These capabilities allow managers and other stakeholders to indicate what needs to be changed, allowing marketers and designers to respond to feedback right within the platform. Campaigns are only sent once all necessary stakeholders have signed off on the proof.

Collaborate for a Successful Campaign

Ultimately, the focus of ProofJump is to help your teams build better email campaigns. The world of email marketing is constantly evolving in response to consumers’ preferences and new technologies. 

Adopting the right tool that makes collaboration and communication as easy as possible allows everyone to contribute their expertise to craft the most effective campaigns possible. ProofJump is a specialized platform for the needs of email marketing campaigns and helps maximize the results from every email.

Leaving InVision? Try ProofJump for Email Campaigns

ProofJump isn’t intended to be a complete replacement for InVision if it is being used for a wide range of purposes. However, those who primarily used the tool for email campaigns will quickly discover ProofJump is a valuable replacement and even brings new utilities to the table.

Are you looking for an alternative to InVision? Learn more about ProofJump or schedule a demo today to see how we can replace and improve your email campaign proofing.