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How a Better Email Proofing and Approval System Helps Deliver High-Performing Campaigns

By improving your email marketing proofing and approval processes, your email campaigns will perform significantly better. It’s all about boosting your return on investment (ROI) through efficiency, accuracy, and opportunity.

In other words, increasing email marketing ROI involves more than just getting higher open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. It starts much earlier than that. As with all things in business, production costs must be maintained in order to maximize profits, and that applies to email marketing just as much as it does to other investments at your company.

The goal is to develop a set of best practices for your email marketing development process as well as your email proofing and approval process, so you can deliver high-performing campaigns faster and on a consistent basis.

Here are three key areas to consider as you develop your email proofing and approval system.

1. Efficiency

Bottlenecks, delays, and rework all negatively affect the ROI of your email campaigns. When your email proofing and review system is inefficient, your costs go up and performance tanks.

On the other hand, the faster you can get great email campaigns to market, the more time you’ll have to effectively track results, make improvements, and send more high-performing campaigns in the future.

A key to making your email review and approval system more efficient is to use a proofing tool, like ProofJump, that makes it easy for all reviewers to collaborate and communicate in a single place.

Establish a set of best practices for your marketing team, writers, designers, and reviewers to follow, and allow them to manage all of their tasks in your email proofing tool. This way, there will be fewer back and forth discussions.

The best practices are the guide for everyone to follow. Additionally, reviewers can provide feedback quickly and easily within the proofing tool, which frees up more of everyone’s time and ultimately, boosts ROI.

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2. Accuracy

When people get the wrong messages or messages with errors, they’re far less likely to click, and they’re far more likely to unsubscribe.

Errors happen, and they hurt your email marketing ROI. The key to deliver high-performing campaigns is to use an email proofing tool that reduces the chance for messages to go out with mistakes.

In simplest terms, mistakes lead to worse results, but when all reviewers follow the same set of best practices and are able to communicate and collaborate in a single place – an email proofing platform – you reduce the risk of errors and increase the potential for high open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. The end results are more conversions and higher ROI.

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3. Opportunity

If you’re wasting time (and money) on back and forth communications, rework, and fixing errors, you’re undoubtedly missing opportunities to improve your current email marketing campaigns and to create new high-performing campaigns in the future.

Email proofing and approval processes, which are centralized in an email proofing tool, will give you back the time you need to identify and leverage opportunities.

For example, reviewers can easily review and approval multiple variants of a single message, which makes it easier than ever to confidently send highly-targeted messages using dynamic content. Fewer chances for errors and highly-targeted messages will result in higher performing campaigns that get to market quickly.

Furthermore, a proofing tool that centralizes communications makes it quick and easy to consolidate comments and identify opportunities to test campaigns and improve results.

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Key Takeaways for a Better Email Proofing and Approval System

When you have a solid email proofing and approval system in place, you’ll have time to develop more campaigns with highly-targeted dynamic content that get the best possible results. You’ll also have more time for testing and improvement, and you’ll improve ROI.

With that in mind, develop your email proofing and approval best practices, set up your email proofing tool, and start delivering high-performing campaigns on a consistent basis.

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