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A Tool to Convert Email Source Code to HTML

If you see an interesting email in your inbox, you might want to see how it’s coded. You could be in digital marketing and discover a fascinating campaign or just curious how things work behind the scenes.

But what if you have no experience with HTML and feel clueless about where to figure out how this fantastic email came to be? Luckily for everyone, email clients make it fairly easy to access the source code of the email without special software or too many complicated steps.

Most email clients such as Gmail allow you to view the source of an email right in from the webpage. However, often the raw source includes email headers such as the recipient, subject line, and authentication information, which you don’t need. Also, some emails are encoded in formats such as Base64 and Quoted Printable, which also make it hard to make out.

Fortunately, we have a tool for you: the Email Source Converter!  

Using the Email Source Converter

Let’s show you how to use it:

1. First, get the source of the email. Read the following articles on how to do it on Gmail, Outlook.com, and Yahoo! Mail. Here is an example from Gmail, where you click the 3 dotted menu, then select “Show original”.

2. Then from this page, you copy the source – for example, by clicking the “copy to clipboard” button in Gmail.

3. Paste the source into the Email Source Converter tool, click on “Parse Email”, and it will parse the HTML out of the email source. Then you can view the email by clicking on the Preview tab.

Now, whenever you come across a cool looking email, you can use this tool to figure out how its done!