The robust features built into ProofJump streamline your email campaign review processes so you can get messages to market faster; reduce the time and costs associated with multiple revisions, errors, and rework; and improve results and ROI.


Full HTML Proofs

Unlike other email proofing tools, you and your stakeholders can proof full HTML email messages with ProofJump rather than simple image renderings. Click the links in your messages, watch the videos, and make sure everything is working correctly before sending any messages.

Dynamic Content Proofing

To boost ROI and send the most targeted messages to the right audience, dynamic content has become a critical component of email marketing. ProofJump is the only email proofing tool that lets you and your stakeholders easily proof and compare all variations of your messages without confusion.

Point-and-Click Annotations

Using ProofJump, every stakeholder can click on any area within your email message and add a comment. Don't like an image? Click it and add your annotation to it so it’s easy for other stakeholders to understand and act on your comment.

Threaded Comments

You won’t save time in the email proofing process if comments are out of order! With ProofJump, comments are threaded, so it’s easy to follow conversations and make decisions collaboratively.

Version Control

Stakeholders always know which version is the most current in the ProofJump platform. The days of getting comments back on the wrong version are over! If someone wants to see older versions of a message, they can access them at any time.


It’s quick and easy for stakeholders to access your email messages for proofing and approval. Just send them the unique campaign URL and they’re in! No logins required.

Unlimited Reviewers

Whether you need 1, 10, or 100 people to review and approve your email campaigns, you can do it with ProofJump.

Comment Resolution

Reduce the back-and-forth conversations that slow down the approval process by marking comments resolved within ProofJump so it’s clear when questions are answered, problems are solved, and decisions are made.


You’ll know when each stakeholder is done reviewing your email campaigns because they can mark each message approved. You’ll save so much time when you don’t have to keep following up with people!

Workflow Management

The email review and approval process is known to take more time than writing, designing, and developing an email message, but with ProofJump, you can easily manage and streamline the entire proofing process in one place.

Real-Time Status

What’s the status of approvals for your email message? Just check the campaign in ProofJump to find out.

Mobile Interface

With ProofJump, you simply send a link to stakeholders that they can use to access your email messages for proofing — even while on the go. They don’t need to install any software or log into the platform, so it’s easy enough for anyone to use.


No more sifting through your own email inbox to find stakeholder comments and follow up on approvals. Everything is saved in folders and files within your ProofJump dashboard, so it’s always at your fingertips.


Keep your projects on track and send messages on time by automatically sending notifications to specific stakeholders when new messages or versions are available for review, when due dates or deadlines are approaching, and more.